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If Jesus had to live a life of prayer, why do we think we can get through life without it?

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In the days of His flesh [Jesus] offered up definite, special petitions [for that which He not only wanted but needed] and supplications with strong crying and tears to Him Who was [always] able to save Him [out] from death, and He was heard because of His reverence toward God [His godly fear, His piety, in that He shrank from the horrors of separation from the bright presence of the Father].  Heb 5:7

The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].  James 5:16b

Living a life of prayer is crucial to living a life of victory.  A life of peace, joy and fulfillment.  A life full of hope.  If we say we follow Jesus, then our lives should reflect His life.  And He lived a life of prayer.  Throughout His life here as a man, Jesus would often withdraw from the crowds or go away somewhere quiet – early in the morning or late at night to pray.  If Jesus had to live a life of prayer, why do we think we can get through life without it?

I know God hears you when you whisper, “Lord I need you”, right before a big meeting.  But the Bible tells us that Jesus regularly took time out of His day to pray.  He made spending time talking and listening to His Father a priority.  The scripture tells us Jesus’ prayers were specific.  They were targeted.  He didn’t generalize.  He, being the relational and personal God He is, prayed specially for various people.  He knew their names, their stories.  Their true need…

He asked for what He wanted and needed.  He even cried out to God in prayer.  He shed tears, asking God to spare Him from the death that awaited Him.  So too should we go to God with every concern, every want and need.  He is our Abba – our Safe Place.  There is no request too big or small or silly to take to Him in prayer.  True dependence on God means that we run to Him with every concern, every fear, every worry.  Just as a child runs to their parents with every question, every thought, every pain, every tear, every joy.  A child constantly acknowledges the presence of their parents by wanting to relate to them, to be near them.

Prayer is our way to relate to God, to be near Him.  We speak to Him because we know He is with us.  Jesus was heard, the Bible says, because of His reverence for God.  Reverence doesn’t require Old English and 4-syllable words.  It requires only a heart posture that says , “You are God and I am not”, “You are strong and I am not”, “I yield, I bow, I surrender”.  When we lay ourselves bare before God, not holding anything back, He hears us.  He hears our cries.  And He answers.  Not always in the way we want.  But He does answer, and He answers with perfect knowledge of what is best for us.  When Jesus asked God to spare Him from death on a cross, God’s answer was no.  He had a purpose – a plan to redeem the entire human race – past, present and future.  No matter what God’s answer is to you today, know that He has a plan, beyond what your eyes can see.  There is a purpose greater than you know.

Separation from God was Jesus’ worst nightmare.  The scripture called it a horror.  Prayer helps us to see that there is nothing more precious than being in the presence of our Father.  Nothing more wonderful than spending quality time talking to Him, hearing from Him.  Being filled and made new.  Let us take the time today to experience the bright presence of our Father.  To have the light of His presence flood the dark places of our souls.  Today you have the chance to sit at the feet of your loving Father and be made whole.  Take it.


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