He Lives in Me

I am the temple of God. His Spirit lives in me. The God of all Creation has made His home in me.

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Do you not discern and understand that you [the whole church at Corinth] are God’s temple (His sanctuary), and that God’s Spirit has His permanent dwelling in you [to be at home in you, collectively as a church and also individually]?  1 Cor 3:16 AMPC

I often get caught up in the mundane tasks of the day.  I’m a stay-at-home mum, so much of my life takes place at home.  Much of my work is also undone moments after completion.  There are no co-workers to chat with at lunch time .  No bosses to give an approving nod.  No employee of the month awards.  Mostly, I work alone, in obscurity, repeating the same tasks throughout my days and weeks.  Truthfully, I sometimes allow the monotony of it all to determine how I feel about myself, feeling unseen and of very little importance.  I allow it to determine the way I view the days ahead, with very little hope or excitement.  I sometimes allow the predictability of it all to siphon off my appreciation for the very gift of life that is wrapped in each day.  To forget the blissful ignorance of never knowing the guilt a working mother can feel.  To witness and experience all my daughter’s firsts.  To be her first playmate, teacher and care giver.  No matter who may come along to fill those roles throughout her journey,  I got to lay the foundation for whatever they will do.

The Bible says I am God’s temple.  The place where His Spirit lives.  The place where His Spirit, and therefore His presence can be found.  Does it not therefore mean that I carry God’s presence into every moment of my day?  That the Creator of the Universe is with me as I wash the dishes and mop the floor?  Is He not present as I sing ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ for the millionth time  and watch my daughter’s eyes light up as she realizes she was able to sing another word along with me?  Most importantly, does that not make my days most holy and worthy of my excitement and gratitude for even being afforded the gift of life in God’s awesome presence?  If I am the place where God’s Spirit lives, should people not sense His presence as they interact with me?  Should they not see mercy and love on my countenance?  Should they not sense peace and joy when in my company?  Should there not be wisdom in my words?

This is why the scripture speaks of discerning and understanding that I am God’s temple.  Because it’s easy to be distracted and bogged down and overwhelmed by life and all we see around us.  It’s easy to think that this physical world is our reality and that life is comprised only by what we can see.  There is so much more to life in Christ, if we would only open our eyes.

There are opportunities all around us for encounters with God.  Burning bush moments around every corner.

Angels that visit us as we thresh wheat in secret, who call us by names we don’t think we deserve.  May we not be so spiritually blind that we miss the wonder of living – really living – in Christ as He lives in us.

The transformation, the change we so desperately seek need not be in our circumstances, but rather, in the way we perceive them.

I am the temple of God.  His Spirit lives in me.  The God of all Creation has made His home in me.  May I feel the weight of that today and see the ripples and glimmers of it as it skips across my understanding.  May I become grateful for my life, just as it is.  For each moment spent in the realization that life is a most holy and precious gift.  What a blessing to be here, now, to revel in my blossoming comprehension of this glorious mystery.


Love & Blessings,

Less Trodden



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