You are More

In a world that constantly tells you you’re not good enough, God says you are MORE!

On the go? Press play! 

Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.  Rom 8:37 AMPC

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought you could almost predict the ending?  Sometimes life is like that.  Things are going in a particular direction.  All the signs are there and we think we know for sure how it will all end up.

That’s why I love that the word ‘Yet’.

Just when you’re ready to give up,  God steps in with a ‘Yet’.  That small word is a big clue that the narrative of your life is about to completely change.  That if we just hold on to Jesus a while longer, something unexpected is right around the corner.  The ‘Yet’ is the glimmer of hope – the little streak of light at the end of the very dark tunnel you’re in right now.

The Yet:  Earlier in the scripture, it talks about all the things that can never separate us from the love of God and that we are like sheep for slaughter all day long – the suffering we endure as we follow Jesus.  Holding on to the love of God in the midst of challenging times is what will carry you through to the ‘Yet’.  Knowing the truth – that God loves you, will allow to to find joy and peace in spite of your difficult situation.  Then comes the ‘Yet’.  It means that though things seem inevitably dismal, God is saying He has a plan.  The Author and Finisher of your story has a plot twist that is going to blow your mind and exceed anything you could ever hope for.  It means that your current situation doesn’t matter.  It means your past is irrelevant.  They have no bearing on the plans God has for you.  It means your future will be the exception to everything your past said was the rule.  It means that in spite of what things look like, God is in control.

Amid all these things, you are MORE:  While you are surrounded by discouraging circumstances, God is still God.  During the struggle, even in the atmosphere of depression, in the thick of the battle…that is when God says, “You’re not just a winner – you’re more!”.  More than a conqueror. More than equipped, more than skilled, more than capable.  As your circumstances jeer you, challenging your faith, that is when you must believe who GOD says you are.  In a world that constantly tells you you’re not good enough, God says you are MORE!  Don’t wait on the outcome to see yourself as God sees you.  Don’t wait on the breakthrough to know that you are destined to win!  To have victory over all the enemy’s schemes.

The Surpassing Victory:  Could there be a grade higher than A+?  Could there be a better position than 1st?  God says YES!  And He promises something higher than victory – something that supersedes triumph or success, to those who put their faith and hope in Christ – in the One who first loved us.  Jesus – He is the crux of the entire scripture.  It all hinges on Him!  No one comes to the Father but through Him.  And so it is through Jesus that we also gain the surpassing victory.  He is our portion and greatest reward.  There is nothing better than life in Christ.  Nothing worth more than knowing He is with you in all things.  Though it may seem like the enemy has a big lead on us, the race isn’t finished yet.  In fact, the race is fixed – set up for you to win!  As you lean on, hope in, trust in and look to Jesus, you will overcome.  You will experience the exceedingly abundant life even in the middle of your trials.  This is the surpassing victory that God has promised.


Love & Blessings,

Less Trodden


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  1. Oh I thank you for your words of encouragement….I literally just told an employee I give i really can’t take this anymore and then your mail came in (yet). Thank you and Bless you.


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