An Any Day Prayer

A prayer for any season of life. A prayer of thanksgiving and surrender.

On the go? Press play!


Today I choose gratitude.  I choose joy.

Thank You Father for the breath of life that flows through me today.  Thank You for my life, just as it is.  With all its peaks and valleys, and even some level places.  Thank You for this life and all it brings.

Thank You Father that You are with me in the midst of everything I face.  There is no place, no circumstance,  I will find myself in where You won’t be.  Wherever I am, there You are.

I am never alone or forsaken.  I am never without help.  I am never without Someone who is deeply concerned about me, my needs and desires.  You, Father, have made provisions for every one of my needs physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am filled with joy today in knowing that You are in me, around me and for me.

You work all things, sparing nothing, for my good.  You are my good Father.  You are in the details.  If in all things You are good, how can I despair?

Your ways and thoughts are far above mine.  And I’m grateful for that too.  To serve the God who is All Knowing and All Powerful, yet calls me by name.  The One who cares for me watchfully.

I rest in You today, Father.  My soul finds peace and solace in You and all that You have been to me over the years.

Thank You Lord.  You are God over each day and Lord of All.



Love & Blessings,

Less Trodden


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