Finding Rest

Today, if life gets overwhelming…if we find ourselves heavy-laden, may we run to Jesus and find rest.

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28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.]  29 Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls.   Matthew 11: 28-29 AMPC

Come to Me

Jesus is telling us what we already know but may not be doing.  To seek His presence.  To come close. To draw near.  He’s telling us to run to Him in every situation.  But especially when we find ourselves laboring.  When we’re struggling and operating in our own strength.  He wants us to come running to Him when we realize we’re burdened and bogged down.  When we find ourselves over worked and overwhelmed.  When we’re in need of rest for our souls, we must run to Jesus.  He promises to give us rest.  To give us the ease we so desperately need.  To bring relief and refresh our souls.  But in order to receive rest, we must come to Him.

Take my Yoke

A yoke is a bar or frame that joins two animals at the head or neck for the purpose of working together.  It’s also a frame fitted to a person’s shoulders to carry a load in two equal portions.  Making it easier to bear the load.  Many times we decide on our own direction in life and then invite Jesus along.  We set off down the path we think is best.  We work at what makes the most sense to our natural minds.  Many of us don’t take the time to seek God on what we should be doing with our lives.  When Jesus says, “Take my yoke’, He’s inviting us to stop laboring in our own strength.  To stop doing our own thing.  To stop living according to our own plans.  Jesus invites us to be joined to Him.  To look where He is looking.  To go His way.  He’s saying, “Go where I go and do what I do”.  He calls us to follow His lead and direction.  To look for where He’s at work and join Him.  To involve ourselves in the work of the Kingdom.  To do His will.  When we take Jesus’ yoke, we are committing to join Him in expanding His Kingdom.  Just as a yoke is fitted to a person’s shoulders, Jesus’ yoke is a very personal thing.  He only gives us what we can bear.  His yoke is made to suit our individual gifts and capabilities.  He calls us to use our gifts to bring Him glory.  Whenever He calls us to work with Him,  He gives us grace to do it.

Learn of Me

Taking His yoke and learning of Him go hand in hand.  You get to know someone by spending time with them.  By talking to them and listening to them.  Jesus is inviting us to get to know Him.  In order to join Him where He’s working we need to get to know Him.  There’s no point in working to expand the Kingdom and having no relationship with the King.  Jesus is calling us to read the Word.  To spend time studying His Word.  To spend time in prayer and listening for His voice.  Seek to be His student.  He’s saying, “Let me teach you by my Holy Spirit.  Ask Me to show you mysteries – to make my Word clear to you”

I am Gentle

I love how Jesus takes the time to describe Himself to us.  He gives us a clear picture of what He’s like.  He tells us what we can expect when we’re with Him.  Jesus describes Himself as gentle and meek, humble in heart.  So He’s not overbearing and rough with us, but patient and kind.  He, though Lord of All, has promised to be gentle with us.  We do so many things in a day to deserve wrath.  Ingratitude, impatience, presumptuous sin…over and over.  Yet Jesus calls us to Himself, to show us kindness and grace.

You Will Find Rest

Jesus promises us that in His presence we will find rest.  So many of us are searching for rest.  Needing relief.  This fast-paced, information-driven world has left so many of us weary and struggling to keep up.  Pushing and pressing to make our lives look more awesome than the day before on social media.  To earn more money than we did last year.  To have a faster car and a bigger house.  All the while burning ourselves out.  Wearing ourselves down.  Running ourselves ragged.  We’re left with parched, thirsty souls.  No joy.  No laughter that comes from our bellies.  Jesus promises that in Him we’ll find all that we’ve been searching for.  We’ll find what we really needed all along.
Rest, relief, ease, refreshment, recreation, blessed quiet for our souls.  The world can be so noisy sometimes.  There’s so much coming at us from every direction.  Our phones are ringing, our computers are dinging, the TV is on.  Emails, text messages, social media notifications.  A whole host of responsibilities.  All demanding our immediate attention.  Jesus is telling us to come to Him to find the quiet we need in our souls.  So that we can be  in the noisy world and still maintain our inner peace.  Because we’re joined, yoked, to the Prince of Peace.
No matter what we’re facing today, may we know that Jesus’ arms are open.  He beckons us to come to Him.  He invites us to join Him.  To  get to know Him.  And to finally, finally, find the rest and refreshing we’ve been yearning for.  Today, if life gets overwhelming…if we find ourselves heavy-laden, may we run to Jesus and find rest.

Love & Blessings,

Less Trodden


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