Lift Your Gaze

A call to look to God in every circumstance we face.

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Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.  1 Chronicles 16: 11 NIV

Every day there are many things vying for our attention.  Family, jobs, friends, social media, television, bills, even billboards.  Everything saying, “Over here! Look at me!”.  It can be mentally and emotionally exhausting to try to split our attention in so many ways.  Sometimes by the end of the day, we’re drained from everything we’ve done physically.  But also from everything we’ve focused our thoughts on.

One way that we can find rest in the midst of all the madness, is to look to the Lord.  Looking to the Lord means turning our attention to Him.  It means being intentional about putting our focus on God and who He is.  In order to turn our eyes towards God we must turn away from whatever has been holding our attention.  Whatever has kept us from directing our gaze towards the Lord.  Looking to God also means depending on Him.  It means running to Him first.  The Lord wants to be our first point of reference.  The One we come to with everything we’re thinking – big and small.  But many times we leave the Lord as a last resort.  ‘If all else fails – seek God’, is the way many of us live our lives.

It’s no wonder we’re so tired all the time.  When we focus on everything else but God.  When we look to everything and everyone before God, to fulfill us, bring us peace, give us hope or direction…  When we do that we’re depending on our own strength.  Or we depend on the strength of others who cannot truly meet our needs.  So we’re constantly struggling to replenish the little we got from the last place we looked to.  That’s why the scripture tells us to look to the Lord and His strength.  Because looking to the Lord also involves depending on His strength instead of our own.  Trusting His ways rather than our own.  Proclaiming His strength in our weakness.  Leaning on Him, even in the things we do well.  That is where we find rest for our souls.  Where the striving ends.

The next thing we’re told to do as we look to God is to seek His face – always.  Many times we go to God seeking His hands rather than His face.  We look for Him to do something for us rather than to know Him.  We all want to be looked at in the eyes when being addressed.  It feels disrespectful when someone speaks to you but looks at another part of you instead, right?  It shows that their interest lies elsewhere.  That they have a motive other than knowing you.  Other than connecting with you.  When we seek God, let’s seek His face.  Let’s come to Him with the intention of growing closer to Him.  Of knowing Him more.  As we seek His face, we become assured of His heart towards us.  And when we trust God’s heart towards us, then we find rest.  So regardless of what our circumstances are today, may we stop and look to the Lord.  May we depend on Him and His strength instead of our own.  And as we seek His face, may we rest in the knowledge that His hands are working all things together for our good.


Love & Blessings,

Less Trodden


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