Good to All

Thanking God for His goodness even in affliction.

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16 Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.  17 The troubles of my heart are enlarged; bring me out of my distresses.  Psalm 25: 16-17 ESV

The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. Psalm 145: 9 NIV

God I thank You today that though I may feel lonely in my afflictions, the truth is that I’m not alone.  You incline Your ear to my cries.  Your face is always turned towards me in grace and mercy.  Your intentions and plans for me are always good.  Sometimes my troubles feel big, Lord.  There are times when I feel like I can see the problems growing and multiplying.  Closing in and looming large.  Like David,  when my heart is uneasy I will call out to You.  Quiet my heart with Your love, Lord.  By Your Holy Spirit keep me in perfect peace as I keep my eyes on You.  The lamp of Your Word will guide me out of distress.  Your Word is my sure footing as I choose faith in You over fear.

My heart is encouraged by the fact that You are good to all You have made.  I don’t deserve Your goodness.  I can do nothing to earn Your mercy.  But yet Your compassion and care continue to overshadow every worry I have.  Your Word says You are good to all.  I’m a part of ‘all’.  You made me.  So You are good to me.  Even in the midst of difficulties You are working all things together for my good.  Thank You for that assurance…that peace…that promise.


Love & Blessings,

Less Trodden


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