About Less Trodden

Less Trodden is the place where I share my journey as I follow Jesus off the beaten track…on the path less trodden.  The more I trust Him to lead me, is the more He takes me into uncharted territory.  Though this walk is sometimes difficult and even scary, where He takes me is always better than anything I could have imagined.

I sometimes write my prayers.  Just like the devotionals, I share some of them here.  I find that as my pen flows across the page and the ink makes its mark, I am able to express the things I’ve been unwilling to say… afraid to admit… things I was too busy to be conscious of.  May these prayers resonate with you.  May you be inspired to speak honestly and openly with your Loving Father about everything.  May prayer become as natural to you as breathing.  As you draw near to Him,  I pray you would know that He is always with you, ready to listen and to speak.

My hope is that you would be energized and motivated about a relationship with God after reading something here.  That you would know a relationship with God is not only possible, but something He deeply desires.  That you would be moved to incorporate the Word of God into your daily life, and as a result, begin to sense God’s nearness.  That as you grow closer to God you would see Him at work in your life, even through adversity.

I hope that Less Trodden guides you to a place of enjoying quiet time with God and reading His Word…seeing it as vital to your life and existence.  May you find hope in the words here.  May you find something that leaves you ready to apply God’s Word to your life.


 About Me

My name is Toni.  It’s Toni-Ann, really.  But I was only called that when I was in big trouble growing up.  My friends leave the ‘Ann’ off, so feel free to do the same!  I was born in Kingston Jamaica where I lived my whole life until 6 years ago when I married my childhood friend and favorite person, Joe, and moved to the US.  Now I’m a stay-at-home mum to my awesome ball
of energy, Charli.  I grew up in a very creative family and have always loved expressing myself through visual art, dance and writing.  Spending time with me means being exposed to harmful levels of laughter and love, being subjected to very corny jokes (which I think are signs of misunderstood genius by the way), and hearing about Jesus.

I’ve been following Jesus for 20 years and it’s still the best decision I ever made.  I’ve always had a passion for helping people to understand the Bible and apply it to every day life situations.  Less Trodden comes from that place.  I’m really honored you’ve taken the time to be here.  I hope you come back again and again and again!